Monday, March 12, 2012

Winter in Japan

I did a Fall in Japan post and hadn't intended to follow it up with the other seasons but here we are. I rather enjoy expressing my reactions to the seasons in Japan, because I come from a place that only knows 'hot' and 'hotter' for seasons.
Just like in fall, Japan's select winter foods, products, festivals, and clothing are everywhere. Conversations turn to heaters, kotatsus (heated table), nabemono a.k.a nabe (stew) parties, snow festivals, holidays, snowboarding and skiing, crab season, and onsens (hot springs). I've found that when activities become available for a limited time (i.e. snowboarding), it makes the activity that much more fun. Like where I'm from in Miami, we can go to the beach anytime so ironically we hardly do (sorry, that's kind of a misconception for people who don't live in Miami). But in Japan (and other places with proper seasons I suppose), the activities associated with that season become something to look forward to and gives you something to do every weekend. I'm really enjoying that aspect of having real seasons.
These pictures capture most of what I talked about above as well as typical fun in the snow stuff that I never did growing up. All except for the last two snowboarding pictures were taken around my apartment. The Japanese landscape covered in snow, especially in the countryside is breathtaking. I've excluded pictures from my trip to the Sapporo Snow Festival since I dedicated a whole post to that.


  1. That last photo of you reminds me of Daft Punk for some reason. ^.^ Lovely photos!


  2. Oh man... these pictures are amazing!

    How did I miss seeing this pictures on Facebook... you uploaded them right?

  3. Thanks yo! And no, I didn't upload them to Facebook. It's a little OCD of me, but I don't want more than two albums per month and if I make it a 'Winter in Japan' album then I'll be bothered that I didn't do a 'Fall in Japan' album. I'm thinking that in the summer I'll make a 'Japan in Four Seasons' album.

    Hehe, thank Barb! I love them so I take that as a compliment. ^^