Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall in Japan

Before we are any further into winter, I'd like to take a minute to comment on fall in Japan. It is beautiful!! Japan is often remarked as being a country that truly experiences all four seasons. Japan is well aware of this and thus there are many indications of what season you are in when you're in Japan. Seasonal foods, products, festivals, and clothing are just a few of the indicators that would let you know what season you're enjoying.

This was my first time experiencing a real fall season. I could feel the warmth slip from the days and realize I needed to start carrying a jacket around. The first time I had to bring out the heaters had me nervous since it was only November! How will I survive winter?! Anyways, although fall is literally happening everywhere, from the trees at my schools to the mountains in the distance on my ride home, Kyoto is one of the most popular places for autumn leaves (known as koyo in Japanese). The colorful trees are breathtaking enough but coupled with Kyoto's old corridors and ancient temple halls, it becomes a postcard in front of your eyes. See for yourself! I went to Tofukuji, Mt. Takao, Eikando, Shinnyodo, Manshuin, and Enkoji over a span of two days.

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